One thing I love about my job is seeing how customers use my products.

Final Tiles Grid Gallery for WordPress was published 2 years ago, and since then it sold 2000+ copies. During this time I’ve often seen the galleries made by my customers and it’s surprising how many of them use my plugin for wedding albums.

wordpress wedding album

Example of a wedding album made with Final Tiles Grid Gallery for WordPress

I guess this plugin it’s quite suitable for this purpose because it can build layouts which are much more interesting than the usual multi-rows or multi-column layouts.

A wedding is a joyful celebration. It’s a dynamic event with music, smiling people and happiness. How could you lock all these feelings inside a cold cage made of rows or columns?

Final Tiles Grid Gallery is completely different. You can use any size you like for your photos so you’re able to give more importance to a photo using a big size. You can use any format you like as well, that means you can even have a vertical photo that spans over two or three “rows”. And what about a big and wide horizontal photo to start the album (like the above example)? Well, you can do it!

I have developed other grid galleries but I think this is the best one for wedding albums for the reasons I said before. Obviously this is just one of the many purposes of Final Tiles Grid Gallery.