Everyone wants to relive their big day over and over again, which is why wedding photo albums are such a treasured item in many households.

Nowadays, such albums are often stored online, opening up a range of options on how to display and share them that would never have been available before.

One of the most advanced, effective and visually stunning means of doing this is through a Final Tiles Grid Gallery on WordPress. Here are the main reasons for this.

1. Prioritise some photos over others

Not only does this WordPress wedding album allow you to blend a mixture of portrait and landscape shots together, but you can also alter the size of each photo.

This feature makes the album appear more diverse and interesting, as a variety of dimensions breaks up the monotony of a uniform size and makes the sight easier to view.

Alongside that, it enables you to pick your favourite photos and draw attention to them above all others.

2. Convenient captions

Having captions is often useful in order to remember the exact details of every photo, from who was in it to what amusing things were happening at the time.

However, sometimes we either know all of that already or just want to enjoy the picture on its own. This type of WordPress gallery enables you to have the flexibility of both, as captions only appear over each photo when the mouse hovers on it.

3. Categorise to customise

Your big day won’t just be remembered by you: your partner, family and friends will all want to relive it at various points afterwards, and they may want to focus on different photos to yourself.

This is why filters are installed as a customisable feature. They allow you to categorise each photo under a number of filter titles and then rearrange the gallery according to your interests. For instance, you could opt to show only the filters for ‘groom’ and ‘bride’.

4. Videos embedded

Defying the very concept of a photo album, the Final Tiles Grid Gallery also allows you to embed videos into the mix.

Whereas wedding videos and photos were kept separate in the past, they can now be blended together into one easily accessible album.

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