It’s been a while since I don’t write here.  The last few months were quite hard as I was busy with consulting works for my customers, support for my current products (which involves bug fixing) and I also added a few new features for my best WordPress gallery plugins: Modula Grid Gallery and Final Tiles Grid Gallery.

During the summer I started to develop a new plugin called: EverlightBox which is a WordPress free lightbox plugin with many features I’ll describe later in this post.

What is a lightbox plugin?

Well, let’s see what Wikipedia says about “lightbox”:

Lightbox is a JavaScript library that displays images and videos by filling the screen, and dimming out the rest of the web page.

So we’re talking of those scripts that will let you “zoom” in a photo on a website when you click on it.

I started to think about making a new lightbox plugin because I needed one but (as you may guess) there wasn’t a plugin with the features I wanted.

After a couple of months the first version was ready and published on repository. I didn’t expect such enthusiasm from users. The plugin began to collect 5 stars ratings and currently it has 100% of max rating!

EverlightBox ratings

EverlightBox has 100% of max ratings

Today the plugin has 3,000+ downloads and it’s active on 600+ websites.

16 people left a positive review and all rated 5 stars. So, yes I’m very happy about this new plugin!


EverlightBox features

I made this WordPress free lightbox plugin because I wanted to be able to share the images I was currently looking at. And the second functionality I needed was comments. I wanted an easy way to let users comment each image fo a gallery. That’s why I say EverlightBox has a social attitude: it integrates very well with social networks. We could say it’s a “social gallery” in a way.

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This lightbox has currently 2 free different themes: Dark night and White splash. EverlightBox can be customised by using your own CSS. In case you don’t have a place for custom CSS code you can use the Custom CSS under the “Features” tab.

New themes will be probably released in the next weeks.

Social sharing

EverlightBox can share your images on the main social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Houzz and Tumblr. All other lightbox don’t let you share the image you are currently viewing, but EverlightBox is different and makes possible to share the current image on many social networks.


This is a delicious feature. You can enable comments just over each photo. That means each photo will have their own comment thread instead of a unique comment place for all images.

Mobile friendly

EverlightBox works smoothly also on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) and it supports swipe gesture.

I have some very cool new more features to add, I hope to be able to develop them soon, so stay tuned!

Download my WordPress free lightbox plugin here: or from your WordPress admin panel by searching for “everlightbox”:

how to install lightbox in wordpress