I released an importat update of jQuery Final Tiles Grid Gallery just few days ago. This update is a major release, because the code has completely been rewritten to overcome some limit of the previous version (like the unavoidable right margin).

I call this one a major release also for a new available feature so that you can create a video gallery jQuery with or without images.

Actually, this feature provides the ability to use any content that is embedded in an Iframe tag, so not only videos from YouTube and Vimeo but also, for example, services like Issuu.

Other important changes are about the html markup. To simplify the use of the plugin and  give the opportunity to further customization of the gallery, I decided to remove the automatic building of social icons. This way you can also add other icons for social networks not managed by the plugin.

Obviously there are still features liek Filters and Infinite scroll. You can see demonstrations by clicking on the links below: