Today I have the honour of having ThemePunch as guest for my monday’s interviews! These guys has literally revolutionized the world of WordPress with their products. You surely have seen many and many WordPress themes running those cool animated sliders on their headers. That’s Slider Revolution, a product made by ThemePunch and purchased by 58,000+ people in the world, that’s absolutely astonishing, isn’t it?

themepunch of slider revolution and essential grid

Who is ThemePunch?

ThemePunch is a small web development company based in Cologne, Germany, that is mainly working on cutting-edge WordPress plugins like Slider Revolution and Essential Grid.
We are also planning to release more WordPress themes in the near future. Check us out here:

How long do you develop plugins?

Our flagship plugin Slider Revolution came into existence back in 2012. We never imagined it would turn our to be such a big hit! (over 1.000.000 active users worldwide).

Why did you decide to develop plugins?

We noticed how fast the wordpress market was growing and decided to create premium plugins that would make the life of every wordpress user much easier.

How did you learn coding?

Most members of the ThemePunch team have had professional training and worked regular 9-5 jobs in the field of web development before taking the leap to self-employment. Our knowledge has developed significantly over the years working on the Envato marketplace. Learning by doing and adapting to new circumstances is the way to go in the world of web stock products. We started off selling flash products but after flash died, we transitioned to jquery / html / wordpress quickly!

What is your plugin you are most proud of?

That would certainly be our Slider Revolution Plugin for WordPress. We are expecting to release the big 5.0 update soon, which we have been working on day and night for the last 6 months.

What’s your favourite tool for coding?

We are mostly using Coda and Sublime on Mac. One of our coders, Patrick, is an avid PC user and works on Notepad++ 🙂

What do you suggest to who’d like to start selling plugins?

Most of all, listen to your customers and be patient. If you product is needed, people will use it!