Final Tiles Grid Gallery 3.0.20 has been released few days ago, the key feature of this update is the support for Social Gallery.


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Social Gallery


Consider it as a powerful way to engage your audience making them interact with your photos. With this plugin (sold separately) each photo has its own URL that makes it perfect to be used with social networks like Facebook, Google plus or Tumblr.

A cool feature is the Facebook or Disqus comments, so users can comment on each photo easily usgin their Facebook or Disqus accounts.

Plugin features list:

  • “Facebook Style” lightbox
  • Light weight Javascript
  • 40+ CSS 3 Animations
  • 10+ Preset Modes
  • Custom Themes
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • Google Adsense Compatible*
  • Custom URLS & SEO Friendly
  • Works with NextGen
  • Works with Justified Image Grid
  • Familiar to Facebook’s 900+ million 1 BILLION+ users
  • Super Easy Install Wizard

I’ve tested this plugin and I’ve found it very easy to use and configure, I recommend to purchase it. More info here: