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Having an online portfolio has become mandatory if you wish to become more visible for those who might require your professional skills. Fortunately, there are many tools which help you with that. The most efficient of those plugins is certainly Final Tiles Grid Gallery since it offers other possibilities compared to its competitors.


With this plugin, it becomes easier to put a portfolio together not to say that it is funnier to do it. The fact is that the algorithm used to create Final Tiles Grid Gallery was completely rebuilt and rewritten, giving a new design and possibilities you won’t find anywhere else.

Thus, you can add and mix images without changing their dimensions. That is the first revolution you will experience with this WordPress plugin.
For example, you can think about a bigger image for the covers of your online portfolios. You can even mix landscapes and portraits as design elements for your portfolios. The images you use will not be cropped and won’t need it either. They can also be inserted in the most complex grids. One can say that the result will be significant time savings.

It is simply like assembling a puzzle without worrying about how you will do it. This plugin takes care of everything by being more flexible and customizable. It gives you the resources to make your portfolios effective and unique.

You can also count on a responsive tool whatever browser you use. Final Tiles Grid Gallery adapts itself perfectly even on mobile devices.



New features

There are a lot of new features in Final Tiles Grid Gallery, very useful for your online portfolios. This WordPress tool is often upgraded to ensure a performed experience everytime you use it.

In addition to its customizable grids, you can rely on the same flexibility for its aspect ratio, filters, captions and animations. Of course, you can also embed videos in your online portfolios thanks to Final Tiles Grid Gallery. It has custom filters and is also WooCommerce compatible.

You can see other features such as a support, seven lightboxes, a manuel which explains every step of your work and an easy to use admin panel.

To complete that, it is also relevant to mention that Final Tiles Grid Gallery facilites sharings on the internet. Thus, you will be able to share a single picture instead of the all gallery or a all page of your online portfolios. You can be more specific about the part of the work you want to share on Facebook or on any other social media.

When you need to build a new gallery, Final Tiles Grid Gallery provides you even more help by allowing to set what we can call automatic galleries. Indeed, you can set up a new gallery by simply using a recent post for instance. Moreover, this latter will be easily reachable by clicking an element such as a photo in your new gallery.

Now, this tool will be not only convenient when you update or enhance a few details in your online portfolios but will also simplify the way you browse from post to post.

In conclusion, this plugin is the tool which probably responds to all your needs if you want the best online portfolios. It is smart, free of the common bugs you might encounter with other tools and it has not finished to impress its users.