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On April, 6th we released a new version of PhotoBlocks Gallery for WordPress with a new exciting and useful feature: Mobile Layouts. Thanks to this feature you can customize the aspect of your gallery for any screen size.

In other words, you can change the number of columns for your gallery based on the device. So for example, you could choose to show only one column for smartphones in portrait orientation, two columns for larger smartphones and 4 columns for a tablet in landscape orientation. That’s just an example as you’re free to define any number of solutions!

Just let me point that PhotoBlocks has always been a 100% responsive gallery but with this new feature you have even more control on the look of the gallery for each screen size.

Let’s make a real example. In this example I want the following configuration:

  • 1 column for smartphones in portrait mode
  • 2 columns for smartphones is landscape mode or tablets in portrait mode
  • 4 column for tablets in landscape mode
  • custom designed grid for any other screen sizes

So, let’s start by designing a custom layout:

And now let’s check how this gallery looks on desktop and smartphone:

But as we said earlier, we want just 1 column on smartphones in portrait mode. So that’s how the new configuration will look after we set all the desired screen size:

wordpress grid gallery configuration


And finally this is how the gallery looks for every screen size we defined:


If you want to see more examples please have a look at the PhotoBlocks WordPress Gallery site.