Masonry layout is a popular design choice for laying out a gallery of images on a web page. It’s the kind of page layout that’s been popularised by sites such as Pinterest, and it’s both a practical and an attractive choice for your site if you’re an artist, designer or photographer wanting to display your portfolio.

If you’re using WordPress for your site then it’s easy to build in a WordPress masonry plugin using a template such as the Final Tiles Grid Gallery for WordPress, which now offers a masonry layout option. It’s designed to make your portfolio look fantastic, but it also offers some cool sharing tools to ensure you get the best possible reach so that your images are seen by as many potential customers as possible.

The masonry layout works for showcasing a broad and eclectic portfolio of photographs, or for displaying specific projects such as wedding albums in a gallery style. There are multiple lightbox options on offer, so the emphasis is on ‘shareability’. You can quickly throw together a collection of images to present to a client if you get an enquiry.

What is masonry layout?

The masonry layout is one of the more popular webpage layouts used for image galleries and it’s increasingly being used by mainstream commercial websites. It’s popular because it works well for image display and it’s easy to interact with. Masonry layout also adapts well to other devices, so it should look good whether your visitors are using a mobile or desktop to view your site.

With masonry layout, images are displayed on the page in a kind of grid. Images are placed in optimal position based on available vertical space, sort of like a mason fitting stones in a wall (hence the name). In the Final Tiles Grid Gallery, you can choose the number of columns on your web page, and the images will be displayed with the same width measurement but differing heights. This means that you can position landscape images alongside portrait ones to optimum effect.

You can also choose to have images of the same height, which appears as a more formal grid style. Essentially the ability to control the height of your images means this single WordPress portfolio plugin offers you two different kinds of gallery in one plugin.

Increase your reach with a WordPress portfolio

WordPress is a great choice for your website as it’s sympathetic to SEO and offers site templates which work across multiple devices and browsers, meaning you have maximum visibility for your work. This means you’re open to a greater number of potential opportunities. This plugin also helps you share single photos, which other WordPress plugin galleries don’t tend to allow you to do. It also allows you to share via Facebook, so it’s well integrated with your social media activities. The whole plugin is designed to help you share your work and attract more business.

Main features

The plugin offers several features that are useful for displaying photos in a cutting-edge design.

  • Flexible and customizable grids with several options on offer
  • Display a mix of landscape and portrait images
  • Custom filters for easy editing
  • Embed videos easily using the tool
  • Responsive/mobile-friendly to maximise the visibility of your work
  • Seven light boxes so it’s easy to share work
  • It’s compatible with Woocommerce so you can easily monetise your site
  • Create galleries from posts
  • Lazy load for super fast performance

GreenTreeLabs has designed this plugin specifically to help promote your work and bring in new business. Masonry style is the modern way to showcase your work, so checkout what it can do for your business!