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The Final Tiles Grid Gallery has been chosen by leading London make-up artist Caroline Barnes to display her stunning portfolio of work.


The WordPress portfolio plugin is a natural choice for Caroline as it allows her to fully showcase the diversity of her work in a range of formats, designs and effects thanks to an array of features, including:


1. Complex grids

Caroline has a wealth of images but wanted her site to be more interactive than a simple WordPress photography album. The complex grid arrangement presents Caroline’s work in a more accessible and dramatic layout. Instead of users having to click through hundreds of images in a slideshow, every image is available through a vivid grid of imagery using a multi-column layout. The grid can also be filtered so users can browse Caroline’s work by a range of topics including fashion, red carpet and celebrity.

2. Video capabilities

 WordPress Video Gallery

Caroline has worked with a number of recording artists and the video capabilities of the plugin have allowed her to create a “showreel” area, where viewers can see her work in action. This is a vital component of Caroline’s website and really brings her work to life, without viewers having to click away from her site to a third-party video provider.

3. Captions and customisations

 WordPress gallery captions

While Caroline’s work speaks for itself, the captions feature allows her to add information about her subjects and work to bring context to her images and videos. The grid features captions where a user can simply hover the mouse over an image and find out, for example, who the subject is. The captions are fully customisable so a user can choose how the caption displays and any hover effects that they may desire. For example, Caroline uses captions that slide from the bottom to the top of the image. Other hover effects of the grid include the ability to zoom in, zoom out and/or rotate the image slightly.

The Final Tiles Grid Gallery also allowed Caroline to customise her graphics. Images can be fine-tuned using a range of parameters, from the minimum and maximum height or width to controlling the maximum crop size.

Caroline Barnes is a London-based make-up artist whose work has been seen on the red carpet and the catwalk and on stars including singer Duffy and band Girls Aloud. She has one of the best portfolios around, and it is vital for her, and other creative artists, to be able to showcase their work with the very best WordPress gallery plugin.

We believe the Final Tiles Grid Gallery is that plugin. To find out more about its features, please click here.