Tekanewa is an Elite author of CodeCanyon who sold more than 5,000 items with an average rating of 4.80 / 5.00 ! This are beautiful numbers and I’m pleased to have him today on my blog. I share with Tekanewa passion for WordPress and galleries, so I consider him as a colleague. Enjoy his interview!
tekanewa scripts wordpress

Who is Tekanewa?

Tekanewa (or “Tekanewa Scripts”) is a small web developer company, based in Germany, currently only consisting of one person, who for some reason likes to refer to himself as “Tekanewa”, after hearing that name (that is supposed to have a Native American meaning, which I don’t really know) somewhere on the internet.

How long do you develop plugins?

I started out with standalone JS/CSS scripts and ported one of those scripts into my first WP plugin in 2013.

Why did you decide to develop plugins?

Mostly out of curiosity and because buyers of my standalone scripts asked if a WP version of that script would be available, and so I started developing my first plugin.

How did you learn coding?

I’m a self-taught coder (and still learning), using the internet as help whenever I get stuck somewhere. Starting out with basic HTML, then JS/CSS and due to my work with WordPress, more and more PHP. Watching or reading online tutorials has proven to be very helpful to me and luckily, there is a vast community of more experienced developers out there, that is willing to share that experience.

What is your plugin you’re most proud of?

That would be my add-on to the popular “Visual Composer” page builder: “Composium – Visual Composer Extensions”

What plugins do you like more?

It’s hard to narrow that down to a specific group; after all, WordPress developers provide plugins for almost every possible need and usage. It really depends on what type of site I’m creating and the specific needs of that site.

What’s your favourite tool for coding?

I use “ActiveState Komodo Edit” for most of my coding purposes, as well as “Koala” for code compilation.

What do you suggest to who’d like to start selling plugins?

The easiest answer would be to find an area of need, and start developing a solution for that need. But things are rarely that simple, as a good portion of luck and timing is just as important, and developers rarely have control over those factors.