Michael M is the mind behind WPBakery. He’s the one who created Visual Composer, the world’s best selling plugin for WordPress (currently 72.000 sales!). Despite his success and his busy days, Michael kindly accepted to be interviewed by me. So thank you very much Michael I really appreciate!

Who is wpbakery?

WPBakery is small company and we are using all our resources to make Visual Composer the best page builder for WordPress. I’m very glad that many happy users are leaving great and positive testimonials about our hard work.


How long do you develop plugins?

We are making WordPress related products for about 7-8 years already. All started as a hobby and because of the lucky coincidence it turned to the business.


Why did you decide to develop plugins?

Four years ago there was a massive developers competition running on CodeCanyon and I decided to join, back then it was a one man company. Quick and spontaneous decision actually changed my life and I’m very thankful for that.


How did you learn coding?

I always wanted to do something with computer, original thoughts were from movies and I all I knew, that I need that white TV with keyboard 🙂 And then finally parent bought me first pc.


What is your plugin you’re most proud of?

Of course it is Visual Composer drag and drop page builder for WordPress.


What’s your favourite tool for coding?

I’m using Sublime Text 3 and currently evaluating Atom from guys at github


What do you suggest to who’d like to start selling plugins?

Solve a problem and users will start using your plugin.