Today I’m happy and proud to present my fellow citizen Luca Montanari. He’s an Italian WordPress developer know as LCweb. He currently has sold more than 23,000 plugins on Envato Marketplace and he’s followed by almost 400 people! These are huge numbers, so let’s read more about him.


LCweb by Luca Montanari


Who is LCweb?

My name is Luca, an Italian web developer, and I’m the figure behind LCweb projects. LCweb is also a small web agency here in Italy

How long do you develop plugins?

I discovered Envato in January 2012. At that time I never developed WordPress stuff, so I tried, coming up with PrivateContent.

Why did you decide to develop plugins?

I searched new revenue sources to keep living developing my ideas. It turned out to be a great deal

How did you learn coding?

I always had a passion for computing, but my studies are totally apart. Then everything I know has been learnt self-taught.

What is your plugin you’re most proud of?

I think is Global Gallery. There are a lot of elements and knowledge in there, is the most complete gallery solution for wordpress!

What plugins do you like more?

Ones helping people do their works, innovating and giving an unique touch to websites

What’s your favourite tool for coding?

I’m quite old-fashioned here, I still use Dreamweaver CS6.

What do you suggest to who’d like to start selling plugins?

Just try to help people. Create a valid answer to people questions and needs