The new release of Final Tiles Grid Gallery for WordPress has a couple of very interesting and useful features:

  • group images
  • ungroup images
  • hide images

so let’s see what these features are useful for and how to make an album in WordPress using Final Tiles Grid Gallery.

Group images

This new feature will let you group images so that when you click on an image of the gallery, you’ll see see only images of that group by navigating through the lightbox.

WordPress album plugin

The group name will never be shown, that’s just a logical ID so avoid special characters and spaces.

Ungroup images

Under some circumstances you may want to ungroup all images, so that when you click on an image of the gallery, the lightbox won’t have arrows to navigate through all the images of the gallery. You can find this feature inside the panel “Link and Lightbox“.

WordPress group images

Hide images

Sometimes you may want to show images only through the lightbox, that’s for example when you want to make an album with WordPress. Let’s say you want to show a cover image and when you click it all its related images are shown through a lightbox. In this case you’ll have to hide the related images and keep visible only the cover image. The new image panel has a checkbox to make an image hidden:


WordPress hide images