Big news!

More than one year ago I published a WordPress free gallery as freemium version of Final Tiles Grid Gallery. I admit I have not given much importance to it. The free version (aka Lite) was a way to promote the paid version and I’ve kinda abandoned it to its fate. After the first release I have not published many updates, while the paid version got many improvements and new features.

I’ve completely changed mind. If the Lite version is a showcase of what you can get with the paid version, then I have to show how cool this WordPress plugin is and why you should buy a PRO license.

Final Tiles Grid Gallery Lite


So I’ve completely rewritten the code of the Lite version and now it’s aligned with the paid version, it obviously has less features.


So, with this new version you now have:

  • new admin panel with Material design UX
  • new grid algorithm: faster and smarter
  • galleries now fit seamlessly in their container, no more margins on the right side
  • you can now clone galleries
  • new customizations fields: CSS classes, rel attribute, text before and after the gallery, delay


Spread the word, earn money!

The last version of the Lite and Pro version has a new interesting feature, it’s not possible to add a “Powered by” link under the gallery. That link points to the plugin’s page. Why is it an interesting feature for users? Because Envato has a referral program where anyone can join.  You can earn money by leading other people to Envato, so you can receive 30% of the first purchase or deposit of each referred user.

envato referral program

New fields of Final Tiles Grid Gallery for the Envato referral program


As you can see from the screenshot, the new fields are:

  • Show developer link: it enable the referral link under the gallery;
  • Developer link text: this is the field where you can choose the text for the referral link, for example: “Powered by Final Tiles Grid Gallery”;
  • Envato username for referral: here you can choose whether to support GreenTreeLabs or earn money with your username. If you don’t have an Envato account you can make it really fast and easily.



Support is the downside of selling plugins. This is it. I’m honest with you and with my customers. Support drains so much time that I often wonder if there’s a way to reduce it or how I could handle it with less effort. But I will always offer free support for my jQuery and WordPress galleries because it’s what I’d expect from a developer if I’d buy a plugin. It doesn’t matter if the plugin costs few dollars or much more: I paid I pretend help when needed.

Now, the problem is what to do with a free WordPress gallery or other free plugins. Should I give free support also for them? Well, until these days I used to have a look at the support forum of the free Final Tiles Grid Gallery from time to time. I’ve never considered it a priority, I’m a one-man agency and I have so many things to do every day… why and how should I give free support for free plugins?

I was wrong. Even if I’m always busy, I should give free support even for Final Tiles Grid Gallery Lite. It’s hard and time consuming but I now understand how important is having a good reputation, also for a free product. So I’ve started to look  at and answer to all those support requests still without a reply.

If it’s not clear enough I’m finally starting to take seriously my free products!