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Final Tiles Gallery for WordPress

Fast. Easy.

Final Tiles Gallery is one of the most used gallery plugin for professional photography.

With this plugin creating a gallery is a fast and easy process. Final Tiles Gallery can be used to make a unique grid layout, while all other galleries have similar layouts: images with same size and same aspect ratio. Final Tiles Gallery is completely different.

With this plugin you are totally free to build a layout as you need. You can mix different sizes and aspect ratio within the same gallery.

The 4 steps wizard

Final Tiles Gallery for WordPress - wizard

1. Install plugin

Making a new gallery for WordPress has never been so easy and fast.

I’ve created an handy wizard that let you build a gallery in just 4 steps. After you made your gallery you are free to use it with its default settings or you can customise every aspect and functionality.


  • Log into your WordPress admin panel and go to Plugins > Add new
  • Click Upload plugin
  • Click Choose file and select then click Install now
  • Click Activate

2. Create a gallery

After installing the plugin you’ll see a new entry in the side menu. Click the new entry with label Final Tiles Gallery.

You’re now on Final Tiles Gallery dashboard, you’ll find here all the galleries you’ll create. Click Add gallery on the side menu.
Here is the fast 4-steps wizard, it will guide you through the whole process. In the first step you can give a name to your gallery and also set the size of the gallery.

Final Tiles Gallery for WordPress - wizard 2
Final Tiles Gallery for WordPress - wizard 3

3. Add your images

You can directly upload images from the WordPress media panel or you can select the images you already have uploaded.

4. Paste shortcode!

Once you have named your gallery, added images, and selected the captions options you can finally copy the shortcode and paste it anywhere!

Final Tiles Gallery for WordPress - wizard 4

Start creating your stunning galleries now



2 available layouts: Classic Masonry or Flexible Grid



Embed video amongst your images and create a truly interactive portfolio. You can use videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and any other source with iframe embed code.



Final Tiles Gallery includes 7 different lightboxes to let users see large versions of your images



Give your galleries a special and contemporary touch. You can tune your own hover effect.


Assign one or more filters on each image. This is useful when you have many images of different categories in the same gallery.



Final Tiles Gallery offers a fast wizard to create new galleries but you’re free to tune every aspect of your gallery, from image sizes to personalised hover effects.



You can group images in order to make albums. For example, after you click an image you can view in lightbox only the images of the same group.


Plugin code is optimized to be SEO friendly provinding all informations required by search engines in order to index your site and your images.

Frequently asked questions

Does it work on smartphones and tablets?
Yes! Have a look at the demos with your mobile device.
Does it work with my theme?

We abviously can’t test any theme in the world, but Final Tiles Gallery is currently active on about 15,000 websites, so we are 99,99% sure it’s compatible with your theme. If not, we’ll fix it!

Does it crop images?
You have control over the amount of pixel to crop. However, cropping few pixels will help having a better grid.
Will I have support if I'll buy this plugin?
The price includes 6 months of support which can be extended by purchasing additional 6 months.
Is there a demo version I can try?
You can try the Lite version which has limited features. You can download it here.

Do you have other questions?

Feel free to drop us a line or two with your doubt, will try to give you an answe as soon as possible!
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