I’m proud and happy to announce the new version of Final Tiles Gallery!

What is Final Tiles Gallery? It’s a jQuery plugin able to build great tiled galleries, with a lot of cool features:

  • No crop: unlike many other tiled galleries, it doesn’t crop images, unless you decide to use the snapping to a grid, in that case a small part of the image could be cut;
  • Responsive: the gallery is responsive by default, when it’s container changes width each tile will move with an animation;
  • Filters: you can set as many filters as you like, clicking on a filter the not matching tiles will disappear, a tile can have many filters;
  • Infinite scrolling: it’s possible to add tiles via ajax when the user scrolls the page;
  • Social sharing: each image can be shared using Twitter. Google+, Facebook and Pinterest;
  • Styling: many other galleries doesn’t let you customize their CSS, Final Tiles Gallery, instead, gives you a great freedom to use your own CSS to control borders,margins, animations and so on;
  • Video: videos can be embed inside a tile;
  • CSS3 animations / JS fallback: the script detects if the browser can support CSS native animations and, if so, it uses them to take advantage of hardware acceleration, othrwise it uses javascript animations;
  • Mobile friendly: the script works great on all devices, even mobile, that can run a common browser;



jQuery Final Tiles Gallery


You can buy a license for 6$ on CodeCanyon.

See Demo