It finally happened. Few days ago I surpassed 75,000$ selling my items on Envato.

My rewards are:

  • the Elite Author badge: envato elite badge
  • 12 months subscription to the revamped Tuts+ (cool!)
  • Google Analytics enabled on my user profile.

this is an incredible achievement. I started to sell my items just for fun in 2012 and my first items were not really irresistible, but I learnt a lot during these years.

greentreelabs envato elite author


I also made many errors, that’s for sure. A lesson I learnt is: there is no hurry! I published items even when they needed more work to be complete, just because I was afraid someone else could publish something similar. So I’ve probably never had a “boom” about sales, instead I constantly increased my sales by adding features and quality to my items.

Today I have 7 items on CodeCanyon and the best selling are my WordPress galleries. I’m also really proud of my jQuery plugin: Final Tiles Grid Gallery, it’s purchased by more than 1,300 people and counting.

What’s next steps for my future?

I’d really like to start a new product, probably another kind of gallery as it’s the niche I love. But before starting that I really want to make my other products perfect. I’m happy I recently hired an assistance, so I have a great help and I can boost the development of the new features.

Let’s see what we are working on.

Final Tiles Grid Gallery for WordPress

The plugin is growing day by day. Recently I’ve added new features like:

  • new admin panel restyle using Material Design
  • WooCommerce gallery integration
  • color of the loading bar
  • background color of the loading bar
  • image loaded effects: zoom in, zoom out, rotation, horizontal slide and vertical slide
  • caption font size
  • enable caption frame and choose its color
  • choose the size of the images of the admin panel

The next feature we’re working on:

  • import/export galleries
  • new images sources: Flickr, Facebook, Instagram and NextGen
  • new columns layout

All these features are available also for the free version: Final Tiles Grid Gallery Lite. The free version reached 20,000 downloads few days ago.

Mikado Grid Gallery for WordPress

This WordPress gallery has a complicated story. At the beginning, its name was “Tiles Gallery” and it was my very first WordPress plugin. It was quite far from being perfect but people loved it. After a year I decided to completely rewrite it and I deleted from the marketplace. That has to be done because I really couldn’t keep a backward compatibility.

When I published the new version, called “Mikado Grid Gallery” it got a discrete success and it was even chosen by the Envato team as Featured item of the week. But I have to admit, I have not given the same love I gave to Final Tiles Gallery.

Nevermind, I’m already planning new features for this plugin and my assistant is already working on them. This is our TODO list:

  • brand new admin panel with Material Design
  • loading effects
  • images sources: posts, Flickr, Facebook, NextGen

and I’m also planning to make a free version. So there’s a lot to do but we’re not scared 😉


Do you have any suggestion or a feature you would like to have? Just let us know!