If you are photogenic, and you like showcasing your photos art to the people, then consider having yourself Final Tiles Grid Gallery for Word Press. The tool will help you to create stylish, creative galleries in your WordPress. It’s a must have tool that gives you a unique animation effect and style when creating your albums. The version gives you a real deal and can be used in both professional and production environments. The main features of this plugin are:

  • Flexible Grids: this feature will help you with portrait images and mix landscape. Additionally, you won’t be restricted to vanilla layouts.
  • Video Capabilities: you will be in a position to create an interactive online portfolio by embedding videos amongst your images.
  • 7 Lightboxes: the Final Tiles Grid Gallery license comes with the seven lightboxes.
  • Social Sharing: want to engage your audience? Then this plugin will let you share each single photo without sharing the whole page.
  • Best Admin Panel: the admin panel helps you manage your galleries without much hustle.
  • Woocommerce Compatibility: Gives you a nice integration with the themes.
  • Custom Filters: the filters easly manupulates numbers and strings.
  • Responsive/ Mobile-Friendly: Final Tiles Grid Gallery can display in different formats to give you the best services.

Final Tiles Grid Gallery for WordPress is a comprehensive plugin that is completely different from any other plugin out there. One of its uniqueness is that you can mix images of any size and orientation. What more would you ask? Just say goodbye to the old out-dated looking galleries. We understand there are many same looking versions, but Final Tiles Gallery is purely different with a brand new algorithm that brings out interesting grids. This plugin is perfect if you need the following:

  • A photography portfolio
  • A designer portfolio
  • A products showcase
  • A wedding album

I must admit that Final Tiles Gallery is easy to use the plugin and can be used comfortably by both beginners and experienced users to create a wonderful gallery in less than 10 minutes. In fact, most of the time is used in uploading photos. If your photos are perfect, then half of the job is already done. In few minutes time, your gallery will be awesome!

Final Tiles Grid Gallery for WordPress comes with themes that are cool and best fits your needs and preferences whenever you are setting up online showrooms. Final Tiles Grid Gallery is just in its world of offering the best services ever! With just a few computer jargons, your appearance and style will be something else stunning and brilliant. Why not forget the common and enjoy full epic features with latest shortcodes? Do that simple click installer! We love keeping things simple.


Final Tiles Gallery is a simple WordPress plugin to use. Go through its documentation for high usability in creating unique and fresh galleries. With your beautiful and stunning pictures, this will surely give you the best deal ever. There are no much technical skills needed to use this magic plugin. Get your photos, save and insert the shortcode and you’re done.